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With many interesting ingredients and the best of Old World cuisine incorporated to the local ways, no wonder food in America is mouthwatering. Have you discovered tacos, soul food or Alaskan salmon? Be adventurous and try. Here is a mouthwatering journey across North, Central, and South America where you will discover –and find out how to prepare- fabulous foods from every region. World Food and Wine American pages are a tempting blend of food facts, choice tidbits about each country’s history and traditions, and delicious recipes you can cook yourself. Some recipes have been passed from the first people to live in America, featuring a variety of local ingredients and a procedure no much different from the way they were prepared some hundred years ago. Others are based in the new ingredients introduced by the Europeans in their many travels to the new world. Many more reflect the diversity of people that came as immigrants to the American countries, bringing their food traditions with them, and stayed, making their cooking part of the American mosaic.

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