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National dish of Benin

flag of Benin

  • Independence: 1. 8. 1960
  • Capital: Porto-Novo
  • Official language: French
  • Population: 9 598 787
  • Area: 112 622 km2
  • International code: BJ
  • Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)
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Kuli Kuli


  • 1 cup roasted and salted peanuts
  • a teaspoon of powder ginger
  • a pinch of  cayenne pepper (optional)
  • a teaspoon of potash (Kanwan)
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • Bouillon cube (powder - optional)
  • 4 cups of Peanut oil for frying
  • a white kitchen towel
Kuli Kuli is national food (dish) of Benin


Grind or pound the roasted peanuts and ginger until a granular paste (I recommend you make use of a dry mill or mortar. Alternatively, a dry blender … avoid at all costs as your dough becomes a saucy or creamy paste to make peanut butter sauce…). Then put your dough in a white kitchen towel and squeeze out the peanut butter to remove as much oil as possible (this step is very important if you want a crisp Bankourou). The secret to getting a crisp Bankourou is to dehydrate of peanut paste as much as possible by removing excess oil to get a dry powder. Repeat 12 times this step squeezing out the paste to remove all the oil. In a pan, mix your peanut powder, ginger powder, cayenne pepper (Cayenne Pepper), bouillon and mix well. Form balls with the dough and using the two palms of both hands roll the balls to form cigarettes or just round ball as pictured. Heat the peanut oil , including the oil collected from your peanut paste, add potash (Kanwan) in oil and fry your bancourou to obtain a brown golden color. If your bankourou comes out soft … Do not panic, Heat the oven at medium temperature for 10 minutes and place your bankourou to remove the excess moisture and cool down!


Benin is divided in two major regions: the south where the main form of relief is coastal plain which are fertile soil and the north region which includes mostly savannas and semiarid plateaus. Giving the relief difference between these two regions, the culinary style is also very different. In the south of Benin the most common ingredient is the corn. The corn is used in preparing the dough which is mainly served with Peanut or tomato-based sauces. The most common meat type used in the southern cuisine is fish and Chicken, but we can also find goat, Beef and bush rat. The meat is fried in palm or peanut oil. As for vegetables the most popular are rice, beans, tomatoes and couscous. Fruits are very easy to find in this region especially oranges, bananas, mandarin oranges, pineapples, kiwi, avocado, peanuts. While the corn is considered as the staple food of the southern population, the yam is the staple in the northern parts. Like in the southern provinces the yams are served with Peanut or tomato-based sauces. The population from the Northern provinces prefers Beef and Pork meat which is also fried in palm or peanut oil or it is cooked in sauces. Cheese is also frequently used in preparing some dishes. rice, couscous, and beans are as well regularly eaten; as for fruits the most commonly eaten are mango, oranges, and avocado. Benin is recognized all over Africa for its exotic dishes and its exotic ingredients which provide a unique taste. Because in Benin the meat is quite expensive the meals are light on meat and generous on vegetable fat.

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