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National dish of Bhutan

flag of Bhutan

  • Independence: 17. 12. 1907
  • Capital: Thimphu
  • Official language: Dzongkha
  • Population: 742 737
  • Area: 38 394 km2
  • International code: BT
  • Currency: Bhutanese ngultrum (BTN)
map of Bhutan

Ema Datshi


  • 2 anaheim pepper
  • 1 serrano chili
  • 1/4 cup farmer’s cheese
  • 2 cups grated monterey jack
  • water as needed
Ema Datshi is national food (dish) of Bhutan


Slice peppers into strips, removing seeds if desired. Cook in oil over medium heat until soft. (Cover your pot) NOTE: You must cover the pot or you will be smoked out. The spicy fumes as they fried in the oil literally sent daggers into our eyes and throats. Ava actually woke up from her nap, three rooms away, coughing. The whole thing became a skit out of some sitcom. I care for you, so, please, cover your pot. Stir in cheese off the heat (or risk having curdled cheese – yuck!) and let melt. Stir in water until sauce becomes creamy (I used about 1/3 cup). Add salt and pepper to taste. You could stop after adding the Monterey Jack and you’d have a mighty fine Ema Datshi. But let’s add some Farmer’s Cheese for the heck of it! Now, pour into a serving bowl or directly over cracked red rice. When you take a bite, be sure to have a large glass of ice water! Enjoy!


Ema Datshi is considered the national dish of Bhutan and it’s traditionally screaming hot! Use whatever chili peppers you like, from mild poblano, to scorching thai bird chilies. My blend of Anaheim and Serrano chilies is very hot, but you can reduce the heat by leaving out the seeds. In Bhutan they serve Ema Datshi over rice (pictured here with cracked red rice). My husband likes dipping corn chips into the cheesy goodness. I’d like to tell you he’s a fool but, really, the combination was excellent. Traditionally served with cracked red rice.

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