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National dish of Chad

flag of Chad

  • Independence: 11. 8. 1960
  • Capital: N'Djamena
  • Official language: French, Arabic
  • Population: 10 329 208
  • Area: 1 284 000 km2
  • International code: TD
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc (XAF)
map of Chad

Peanut and squash stew


  • oil
  • two to three pounds summer squash (cut into cubes) or zucchini (sliced)
  • three cups shelled roasted peanuts; crushed or coarsely chopped
  • salt to taste
  • one teaspoon brown sugar or white sugar (optional)
Peanut and squash stew is national food (dish) of Chad


Heat a spoonful of oil in a large skillet. Cook squash until it begins to become tender, stirring often; about five to ten minutes. (Or cook squash in one cup of boiling water. Drain excess water before adding peanuts.) Squash can be mashed if desired. Add peanuts, salt, and sugar. Reduce heat. Simmer until squash is tender and flavors have mingled, about five minutes. Serve hot.


Chad food comes from a land in the African continent that is diverse in its culture; however, the various dishes are a reflection of this diversity which is interesting as well as delicious. Millet has been the main source of grain that is cooked in different ways. Fish is again a very popular food among the Chadians but so are chicken and salads.  The cuisine of Chad is an integral part of the country’s culture and this can be seen in the various dishes served at the restaurants all over Chad. The history of food of Chad lay in its culture that is very integral to the way of life in Chad. In fact, being one of the poorest countries with almost negligent infrastructure and hardly any development, the people of Chad are largely dependent on the livestock and the local grains such as sorghum, millets, groundnuts, fruits and vegetables. Since most of the people are engaged in agricultural farming or livestock herding, the Chad food is majorly influenced by these factors.

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