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National dish of Guinea-Bissau

flag of Guinea-Bissau

  • Independence: 10. 9. 1974
  • Capital: Bissau
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Population: 1 647 000
  • Area: 36 125 km2
  • International code: GW
  • Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)
map of Guinea-Bissau

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-- national food (dish) of Africa


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A typical Guinea-Bissau meal is concentrated with starchy substance, light on meat and generous on fat. Fufu, a semi-solid starchy mass alike to mashed potatoes or polenta, is served with soups and stews, such as egusi. Fufu is frequently made from starchy root vegetables such as yams, coco yams, or cassava, but as well from cereal grains or plantains. Another characteristic of Guinness cuisine is the hot spices, including peppers and chiles. Seeds of Guinea pepper, Aframomum melegueta which are also called grains of paradise are a native West African plant, which is used to prepare traditional sauces. In real meaning, the local cuisine and recipes of Guinea Bissau continue to remain intensely ingrained in the local society and traditions, with ingredients like rice, peanuts, Bambara Groundnut and Hausa Groundnut, black-eyed peas, and root vegetables such as yams, coco yams, sweet potatoes, and cassava. Guinea Bissau cuisine also includes Pork meat and fish. cereals are making a strong entrance and are consumed in the morning or evening. The dishes basic ingredient is the couscous de mil which means couscous of millet because it represents a village tradition.

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