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National dish of Malawi

flag of Malawi

  • Independence: 18. 5. 1994
  • Capital: Lilongwe
  • Official language: Chichewa, English
  • Population: 16 407 000
  • Area: 118 484 km2
  • International code: MW
  • Currency: Kwacha (D) (MWK)
map of Malawi

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-- national food (dish) of Africa


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All over Malawi, the meal is composed of two main dishes: the starch (Nsima) and the relish (Ndiwo). While the recipe for starch is mostly the same all over Malawi, the relish is very different from region to region. In the east of Malawi, it is made mostly from vegetables, as meat is expensive and most people can’t afford it. The basic ingredients in this region are rice and foutou (massed plantain and cassava) and fufu (fermented cassava). A variety of local ingredients are used while preparing other dishes like spinach stew, cooked with tomato, peepers, chillies, onions and Peanut butter. cassava (manioc) plants are also consumed as green salad. A traditional recipe for the basic vegetable Ndiwo includes Onion, tomatoes and green vegetables, especially cassava. The Malawi Lake is located in the west regions of Malawi. This lake is a great source for various types of Fish. There are many kinds of fish that live in the lake and the main types of fish are Chambo, Mlamba (Catfish), Usipa, and Kampango. The people that live around the lake use the fish to cook delicious relishes and other foods. A traditional Ndiwo made from fish is the Curried Chambo fish. The main ingredients for this dish are: fish fillets, lemon juice, flour, onions, curry powder, fruit chutney and carrots. Chambo (Tilapia fish) is the country’s specialty and the main lake delicacy. Another traditional food is Wali wa samaki, made from salmon, vermicelli, Onion, carrots, rice and seasonings.

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