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National dish of Marshall Islands

flag of Marshall Islands

  • Independence: 21. 10. 1986
  • Capital: Majuro
  • Official language: Marshallese, English
  • Population: 68 000
  • Area: 181 km2
  • International code: MH
  • Currency: United States dollar (USD)
map of Marshall Islands

What is the national food (dish) ???


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The staple foods in Marshall Islands are rice, sago and kau kau which are generally prepared with seafood, Chicken, game, Pork and a large variety of greens. Marshall Islands cuisine is very varied and embraces Chinese, Japanese, Thailand’s, Western influences. People from Marshall Islands prefer abundant dishes and food which is very well cooked. The inhabitants from Marshall Islands have three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner yet desserts, snacks, traditional beverages are consumed daily.. In Marshall Islands, braising is one way of cooking meat, vegetables or seafood which is usually served with delicious sauces. Marshall Islands offers a variety of exotic meals such as fresh Barramundi Cod cooked in wrapping of banana leaves, roasted chestnuts and incredibly delicious fruits, Chicken stews, Jakarta roasted Chicken, hot and spicy fried prawn.

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