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National dish of Papua New Guinea

flag of Papua New Guinea

  • Independence: 16. 9. 1975
  • Capital: Port Moresby
  • Official language: Hiri Motu
  • Population: 7 059 653
  • Area: 462 840 km2
  • International code: PG
  • Currency: Papua New Guinean kina (PGK)
map of Papua New Guinea

What is the national food (dish) ???


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The staple foods in Papua New Guinea are rice, sago and kau kau which are generally prepared with seafood, Chicken, game, Pork and a large variety of greens. Papua New Guinea’s cuisine is very varied. People from Papua New Guinea prefer abundant dishes and food which is very well cooked. Papuans have three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner yet desserts, snacks, traditionalfruits.

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