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National dish of Rwanda

flag of Rwanda

  • Independence: 1. 7. 1962
  • Capital: Kigali
  • Official language: Kinyarwanda
  • Population: 12 012 589
  • Area: 26 338 km2
  • International code: RW
  • Currency: Rwandan franc (RWF)
map of Rwanda

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-- national food (dish) of Africa


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Rwanda is such a small country that talking about regional cuisines would be a huge overstatement. However, the social and geographical aspects of the country are quite interesting to follow. Most of the Rwandan population belongs to the Hutu ethnic group, traditionally crop-growers. The Tutsi group originated as a socioeconomic class noted for cattle ownership. There was mobility between the two groups. For 600 years the two groups shared the business of farming, essential for survival, between them. They have also shared their language, their culture, and their nationality. The general Rwandan cuisine shares many of the dishes brought by the Tutsis – shepherd like dishes that are simple and fast to prepare. The Rwandan cuisine is dominated by an acute lack of food in the country, so speaking about sumptuous meals and elaborate Rwandan dishes would not correspond to the realities found in the country. In all of Rwanda, women are the ones that take care of cooking, and they mainly stick to preparing beer, bananas and other simple to make dishes.

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