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National dish of Seychelles

flag of Seychelles

  • Independence: 29. 6. 1976
  • Capital: Victoria
  • Official language: French, English
  • Population: 84 000
  • Area: 451 km2
  • International code: SC
  • Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)
map of Seychelles

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-- national food (dish) of Africa


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When preparing different dishes, the Seychellois inhabitants use ingredients like ginger, coriander, pepper, lemongrass, and fresh herbs. The tamarind chutney, spicy shredded green papaya salad, or coconut fish curry are really unforgettable recipes. The most important influences on Seychellois cuisine were those brought by the African, French, Chinese, Indian and English cuisine. Some of the most common dishes contain breadfruit, coconut milk, seafood, bourzwa or red Snapper, kingfish, Tuna steaks, smoked Sailfish, local prawns curried in sweet sauce or grilled in garlic butter, Octopus curried in fresh coconut cream, and chauve-souris or curried fruit bat. Another culinary influence on Seychelle comes from Asia where food is usually served hot and spicy. curry, one of the most popular Seychellois dishes is sometimes accompanied by rice and even fresh vegetables. A wide range of beverages can be found, such as wine, seybrew which is the local beer, local teas, or soft drinks.

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