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National dish of Solomon Islands

flag of Solomon Islands

  • Independence: 7. 7. 1978
  • Capital: Honiara
  • Official language: English
  • Population: 523 000
  • Area: 28 400 km2
  • International code: SB
  • Currency: Solomon Islands dollar (SBD)
map of Solomon Islands

What is the national food (dish) ???


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The cuisine of the Solomon Islands has developed over its 5000 years of inhabitation and external influences. From the Spanish, the islands received cattle, from the Asians and Indians various spices, exotic vegetables and fruit. The islands were later colonies by the English, who left their own culinary mark. The main occupations of the locals are fishing and agriculture, so fish, coconuts, cassava, sweet potatoes and a high variety of fruits and vegetables figure into the local cuisine.

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