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National dish of Togo

flag of Togo

  • Independence: 27. 4. 1960
  • Capital: Lomé
  • Official language: French
  • Population: 7 154 237
  • Area: 56 785 km2
  • International code: TG
  • Currency: CFA franc (XOF)
map of Togo

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-- national food (dish) of Africa


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Togolese cuisine has been influenced by the country’s colonial legacy and that made Togolese cuisine renowned throughout the West Africa. Togolese cuisine is a combination of African and French culinary styles, combining rice’s, sauces, fish, meat and vegetables in order to serve traditional dishes, like koklo meme, grilled Chicken with a spicy chili sauce, pâté, made from millet, plantains, corn or manioc, riz sauce d’arachide, simply rice with Peanut sauce, and other sauces based on Eggplant, tomato, fish or spinach. Typical in all Africa, palm wine and beer are also common in Togo. One of the most common foods in Togo is fufu and its preparation is a communal ritual. Fufu is eaten with sauces, which are usually made of vegetables like okra, ademe and spinach. Sauces can also be made of meat, mostly with smoked fish and they are served at almost every meal. Other meats eaten in Togo include fish heads, cow’s skins and large bush rats. Groundnuts, palm nuts and cassava are milled into flour and shaped into a pate called kokonte. Pates are also served with sauces. Generally Togolese cuisine is rich on sauces and pates.

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