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National dish of Tonga

flag of Tonga

  • Independence: 4. 6. 1970
  • Capital: Nukuʻalofa
  • Official language: Tongan, English
  • Population: 103 036
  • Area: 748 km2
  • International code: TO
  • Currency: Paʻanga (TOP)
map of Tonga

What is the national food (dish) ???


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Traditional Tongan food usually includes various meats like chicken and pork, fish and shellfish. Tongan food is traditionally cooked in earth ovens called Umu and on special occasions and celebrations a pig is roasted over hot coals.  For a quick affordable meal or a cup of the beautiful locally grown coffee there are also a variety of cafes to chose from. In Tonga food is how all food should be. Harvested fresh, cooked fresh and eaten fresh.

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