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National dish of Zimbabwe

flag of Zimbabwe

  • Independence: 15. 5. 2013
  • Capital: Harare
  • Official language: None
  • Population: 12 619 600
  • Area: 390 757 km2
  • International code: ZW
  • Currency: various
map of Zimbabwe

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-- national food (dish) of Africa


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In Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, the diversity of the international cuisines is very wide, as it contains cuisines from all the continents. Sometimes, these cuisines are combined with the local plants, in order to get popular dishes with local flavors – this is the case of the pasta and vegetarian dishes, which combine the Italian cuisine with the local staple aliments: lasagna with creamed spinach, herbed mushrooms, pumpkin and asparagus or rollatini with vegetables, toasted mixed nuts, mango and saffron sauce. In the big towns or cities, like Bulawayo, Gweru or Mutare, the cuisine is more sophisticated and includes more elements that the one found in the rural areas. In most of the villages, people’s diet is based on the traditional breads, like the pot brood (which is baked on coal fire), patarolle (sweet potato rolls), mashed veggies, isidudu (pumpkin pap), soups (maize soup) and stews (tomato bredie, Potato stew with Chicken or potjiekos).

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